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203joanna trevitt2225Apr 27, 2016
202simon trevitt2225Apr 27, 2016
201Beau Woodgate2230Apr 20, 2016
200Rachel Greenwood2228When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat MoneyApr 20, 2016
199stephenie phillips2229this should never be touch for profit or any building constructionsApr 20, 2016
198Luke Reilly2225Apr 20, 2016
197Jenni Donohoe2230Dec 27, 2014
196Greg Woodland2230Preserve this valuable site for everyone, and for itself for posterity.Oct 26, 2014
195Edith Streiner2484Preserve and protect "Boy Scouts' Camp"Oct 07, 2014
194Ruth Lampe2027Oct 01, 2014
193Janine Brown2229Oct 01, 2014
192Malcolm Fisher2093Sep 30, 2014
191Anne Tsoulis5019Sep 30, 2014
190Chris Fox2230Sep 30, 2014
189Ron Fox2230Sep 30, 2014
188Diane Townley2230Sep 30, 2014
187Alan Bond2508I also hope the controversial Helensburgh Land Pooling and Ensile lands will also be acquired to become part of the Royal National Park and Garrawarra State Conservation Area, both already on the Australian National Heritage List.Sep 29, 2014
186Julie and Gerard Banks2223Sep 27, 2014
185Megan Benson2230Our National Park forms the basis of the regional economy. Inappropriate developments threaten the future economic potential of the Bundeena community in particular. If we work towards enhancing and extending the boundaries of natural bushland we will ensure the drawcard attraction of this region of the shire .Sep 26, 2014
184James Windsor2529Sep 26, 2014
183Natasha Watson2508I live in Otford and my land buffers the Royal National Park and I've also been a rescue for WIRES for over 20 years. I've witnessed many times the negative impact of development - from new roads, land clearing and roaming pets on our threatened wildlife. The iconic Royal National Park needs protection not further degradation by greedy developers.Sep 26, 2014
182Judith Walker2230Sep 23, 2014
181Margaret Jennings2232Sep 19, 2014
180Greg Heilbron2230It's obvious - this land should be part of the ParkSep 17, 2014
179Greg Heilbron2230It's obvious - this land should be part of the ParkSep 17, 2014
178Gary Schoer2223Save Spring Gully from developers.Sep 17, 2014
177Christopher & Erica Brogan2213Jul 17, 2014
176Kristy Allan2304Apr 06, 2014
175Geoff Albertson2232Nov 01, 2013
174catherine taylor2567this beautiful village mustnt be ruinedOct 13, 2013
173Katharine Clarke2577Sep 17, 2013
172Patricia Glenn2230Sep 15, 2013
171Kristen McParland2230Sep 12, 2013
170Philipa VeitchAug 30, 2013
169Yvette Linton-Smith2230Aug 30, 2013
168ben carew2034Aug 30, 2013
167Lorna Lander2230Aug 21, 2013
166Axel van der Smagt2230Just sent an email to the council General manager Aug 21, 2013
165john parker2230Jul 30, 2013
164Jo AllenJul 14, 2013
163Margarita Brown2230Jul 14, 2013
162Lyn Scaysbrook2226Please save this beautiful area of land for us to always enjoy.Jul 14, 2013
161Lirria Latimore2230This land was left to the scouts in a will - if they don't want it - then it should be left to NPWS and NOT sold to developers!Jul 09, 2013
160Pam Forbes2234Jul 02, 2013
159Brett Barlee2230Stop development on the land abutting Bundeena by rezoning this land to E2Jul 01, 2013
158sylvia politoJul 01, 2013
157April Crawford-Smith2203Protect the Boy Scouts Camp at all costs! Lets see this added to the Royal National Park. It's the only sensible solution for this area and our environment. Jun 28, 2013
156Mark Selmes2580Jun 27, 2013
155Dan MorganHow can anyone allow such reckless activity to occur, putting the lives of camp users at risk, whilst destroying pristine bushland. There are enough camping grounds, leave the area as it isJun 26, 2013
154Bruce Smith2230Jun 26, 2013
153Penny Calvert2602Jun 26, 2013
152Gabrielle Clover2293Jun 26, 2013
151malcolm fisher2093Protect this vital area of diverse bushland.Jun 26, 2013
150david vardeh2032Jun 26, 2013
149Krystal Swansborough2010Jun 26, 2013
148Brian Munro2230Save our landJun 25, 2013
147Rosemary Serena2225The appropriate and sensible action is that the land be acquired and becomes part of Royal National Park. This is a once in a generation opportunity that can not be missed. Rather than profiting from the sale, the Scouts should be grateful they have had use of the land for decades and be glad of the goodwill that lay behind it.Jun 25, 2013
146MARK FELDMANN2230Bundeena/Mainbar does not need any more development. Period.Jun 23, 2013
145KATHRYN FELDMANN2230How could you? This should be returned to the National Park for protection.Jun 23, 2013
144JANICE WAGNER2230The area which contains wetlands and fragile sloping sandy soils should be incorporated into the Royal National Park. Having to clear the area for bushfire hazard would completely ruin the nature of the experience.Jun 23, 2013
143Kay Tokamanga2040Jun 22, 2013
142Karen Tok2203How disgraceful and utterly greedy. Vandalism like this should be stopped!Jun 22, 2013
141Luke STeller2232save the bush!Jun 21, 2013
140Russell Dixon2516poor publicity: just found out about this.Jun 18, 2013
139Catherine Reynolds2230Apr 22, 2013
138Alex MusgroveNSW 2230Apr 11, 2013
137Andrew Purdam2618At least give Australian Nature Conservancy the option to buy it. Don't open market sell it to developers. That's a betrayal of the benefactors' trust.Apr 08, 2013
136Nita Kent2074Apr 08, 2013
135shron Whitbourn2111There is enoughdegraded land available for development all around Sydney. Please leave the pristine land aloneApr 08, 2013
134Karen O'Brein2230Apr 08, 2013
133James Cox2049Apr 08, 2013
132Georgia Wallace-Crabbe2230Preserve Spring Gully as nature reserveApr 05, 2013
131Phillip Shaw2042This pristine land must be retained as it is and not developed for housing.Apr 05, 2013
130Sharon Witt2289Apr 04, 2013
129K. BruverisApr 04, 2013
128Ed Glatfelter-Jones, Architect95060Don't sell or develop parkland - protect and keep it for all generationsApr 04, 2013
127W. Fuller2539Apr 04, 2013
126Annette Spillane2210Apr 02, 2013
125Amy Hunziker2230Apr 02, 2013
124Geoff Albertson2232Apr 01, 2013
123Deborah Ewens2232Land that was bequithed to the Boy Scouts for its inherent native bush environment should not be sold for profit and possibly changed. It should be conserved as part of the national park.Apr 01, 2013
122Phil Clarke2230Apr 01, 2013
121colleen dombkins2229Too much land is being sold off - should be part of the RNPMar 29, 2013
120Neil deNett2230Great work. This campaign must be wonMar 27, 2013
119Albert Martin2076I am appalled that the Boy Scouts Assoc. is trying to sell land given to them in 1960. I have been associated with Scouting for many years and I cannot believe they would treat this land in such a way . As a scout and later a Leader we learnt to respect the land not trash it.Mar 26, 2013
118Alison Smith2234This beautiful land must be protected. Please do not develop it!Mar 26, 2013
117Janet Clouston2515Mar 26, 2013
116Pat Chadwick2071Mar 26, 2013
115Michael Ellwood2076We need to save all of what is left.Mar 26, 2013
114Donna Rundle2217Please protect this precious area from development and add it to our Royal National ParkMar 25, 2013
113Wayne Reynolds2234is there no end to this stupidityMar 25, 2013
112Michael A2228Time to protect this environmentMar 25, 2013
111Ian Robinson2230Mar 25, 2013
110Margaret rush2120Must be public land in perpetuityMar 25, 2013
109Diana Waterton2230Please protect our diminishing natural resources!Mar 24, 2013
108Chloe Ann2230Mar 24, 2013
107Helen Wortham2074Must be added to the Royal!Mar 24, 2013
106Judith Tynan0881Mar 23, 2013
105Moya Turner2230essential that RNP's take controlMar 23, 2013
104Kate Costello2234Mar 23, 2013
103Emma Reeve2232Mar 23, 2013
102Cassy Irene2230Please return this land to the Royal National Park. Spring Gully is abundant in wildlife, native flora and wetlands. Development will ruin the image of Bundeena and destroy a unique natural habitat.Mar 23, 2013
101Sam Fisher2095Mar 22, 2013
100Marnie Sigal2230Mar 22, 2013
99Tricia Koffel2223Acquire, protect and conserve the Bundeena "Boy Scout's Camp".Mar 22, 2013
98walter bienz2230I urge the Scouts to hear their neighbours and reconsider their proposal!!Mar 22, 2013
97Courtney Botfield2230Mar 22, 2013
96Alex Fraser3163Mar 22, 2013
95Jenny Langenstrass2137Mar 22, 2013
94Mike Bridle2085Mar 22, 2013
93Rhiana Robinson-Simons2230save it!!enuf development in bundeena alreadyMar 21, 2013
92Kerry Dixon4875Mar 21, 2013
91Gary Simons2230please dont develop itMar 21, 2013
90Joy Reddy2230Mar 21, 2013
89Lynette Singleton4860Save all environmentsMar 21, 2013
88Hamish Fairbrother4812Mar 21, 2013
87Gayle Hansen2204It would be lovely to conserve this piece of land and add it to the National Park .Mar 21, 2013
86genevieve wale2041Mar 21, 2013
85Kathy JarrettMar 21, 2013
84Catherine Slawitschka2230Mar 21, 2013
83Robyn Venn2230Assign the land to the Royal national Park. Leave the animals habit alone. Stop fauna damage nowMar 21, 2013
82Stella Coe2204do not sell this beautiful natural habitat to developers. Please incorporate the land permanently in the National Park. Mar 21, 2013
81Ellis Jones2204protect this slice of heaven from developers, let it become part of the national park.Mar 21, 2013
80Paul Norton4101Mar 21, 2013
79Louise Lambert-Smith2229Protect this pristine natural habitat.Mar 21, 2013
78BARRY WEBB2230I live on the road adjacent to this piece of land and know the importance of it for the local environment.Mar 21, 2013
77 Maureen Keller2230Please let the people decide. Mar 21, 2013
76Brian Aarons2230This is an opportunity to preserve an ecologically important and beautiful piece of bushland forever by adding it to the Royal National Park.Mar 21, 2013
75Abbey Maughan2230There are many Aboriginal sites within the domains of this property that I would like to see preserved since the property backs onto national parkland I think it fitting that it becomes part of national parksMar 21, 2013
74Rachelle Phillis2230Mar 21, 2013
73Sarah Funkhouser4810Mar 21, 2013
72Diana Condylas4810Mar 21, 2013
71Bethany White2049Mar 21, 2013
70Elaine Harridge2230Mar 21, 2013
69bree urquhart4812Mar 21, 2013
68john killingley2230A worthwhile causeMar 21, 2013
67Sally Browne2204Mar 21, 2013
66Rachel McDonald2233Mar 21, 2013
65Natalie Wong2035Mar 21, 2013
64Liam Phelan2230Please protect this land for the futiureMar 20, 2013
63Mark Noonan2230Mar 20, 2013
62Barbara Buchanan2230Mar 20, 2013
61Sarah Murray-WhiteMar 20, 2013
60Anna Keohan2230This was a gift for the community, leave it to the community, and incorporate it in to the Royal National Park.Mar 20, 2013
59Prashant Jain2204This land must be preserved for the enjoyment of everyone and be included in the Royal National Park, and not in the hands of developers and the elite few.Mar 20, 2013
58Alison Munro2131It should be added to the adjoining Royal National ParkMar 20, 2013
57Ralf Mueller2795Anything to keep it out of Developers hands!!Mar 20, 2013
56Anne Wale2041Mar 20, 2013
55Tony Markham2233Mar 20, 2013
54Patricia Knowles2230Please return this beautiful natural land to the RNPMar 20, 2013
53Bec Hill2770Mar 20, 2013
52Ross Berkefeld5112Just the one image tells me this MUST be conserved.Mar 20, 2013
51Benjamin Lambert-Smith2229Mar 20, 2013
50Charles Gaunt2508This area needs to be set aside for futeure generations to enjoy. Please make sure this happens.Mar 20, 2013
49Ian King2508Save this area for future generations to enjoy.Mar 20, 2013
48Tee Kay2516This are needs to be protected and set aside for future generations.Mar 20, 2013
47Ken Davis2530They paved paradise and put up a parking lotMar 20, 2013
46Natasha Watson2508the buffer and wildlife corridors surrounding the Royal National Park must be protected from development and degradation Mar 20, 2013
45Chantal de Vere4503The destruction of environment, biodiversity and beauty has to stopMar 20, 2013
44Adele Carrall2423Mar 20, 2013
43Noelene Faulkner2460Mar 20, 2013
42Signe Westerberg2168do it do it do it!!!!Mar 20, 2013
41J Yetzotis2204It was a gift to the Boy Scouts. Please gift it back to the community for future generations. Looking at the map Spring Gully sticks into the National Park anyway. It should remain as such. There are too many special features in this land to lose. . Mar 20, 2013
40Joyce Meyer2089Mar 20, 2013
39Indra Stephenson2480Mar 20, 2013
38Alissa Hattersley2230Mar 20, 2013
37Narelle Taylor2230Mar 20, 2013
36marianne kristensen2074Mar 19, 2013
35Narelle Krajcik2145With our city growing bigger every day we need to retain as much natural beauty as possible for the benefit of all.Mar 19, 2013
34stephanie Robertson2120It makes sense to add this land to the Royal National Park. It probably fulfils the wishes of the original donor too.Mar 19, 2013
33alan keating2074don't let any more of "our" land go.Mar 19, 2013
32Bill Warner2230Mar 19, 2013
31Colin Fulton2065This is important, please convince the PTB to purchaseMar 19, 2013
30Samantha SampleMar 19, 2013
29john holyoak5052Mar 19, 2013
28Hubert Habicht2107We do'nt need Sydney to expand further south. Lets expand the Royal National Park further North!Mar 19, 2013
27David Palmer2101Mar 19, 2013
26Melina Amerasinghe2223Mar 19, 2013
25James Sample2066Mar 19, 2013
24Karen KoolMar 18, 2013
23Carol Page2230Spring Gully has to be part of the National Park. Fires have been known to race up this natural funnel.Mar 18, 2013
22Kieran Smith2233Mar 18, 2013
21david surridge2040Mar 18, 2013
20Graham Lalchere2223This land appears to be a logical inclusion in the Royal and should be included as part of it.Mar 18, 2013
19Barbara Bruce2218This development must be resisted and nature fought forMar 18, 2013
18Tam Khuat2143Mar 18, 2013
17Tamsin Clarke2230Mar 18, 2013
16Maurice Dowson2508This is PRECIOUS bushland and MUST be protected!!!Mar 17, 2013
15Rhonda Daniels2232The most sensible solution is for the government to acquire Boys Scout Camp and add it to the Royal National Park where it belongs.Mar 17, 2013
14Alan & Anne Green2230Please keep it bush landMar 17, 2013
13Vera Auerbach 2230Mar 16, 2013
12Sheila Hayward2230We need to protect areas such as this.Mar 16, 2013
11John White2232a unique section of bushlandMar 16, 2013
10Chris Williams2515Mar 16, 2013
9Sam Stott2008Mar 16, 2013
8Stephen Greening2230save our forestsMar 15, 2013
7laurence anderson2600this land cannot be lost to developersMar 15, 2013
6richard smithMar 15, 2013
5Lucy Legget6281Mar 15, 2013
4phil smith2233The Scouts ought to be ashamed of themselves.Mar 15, 2013
3Leon Rhind2230Mar 15, 2013
2Mark Da Silva2230Mar 15, 2013
1Julie FardonPlease protect and conserve this irreplacable and valued land.Mar 15, 2013

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Protect Spring Gully by adding the Boy Scout Camp land to the Royal National Park


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