State Election 2015 – Seat of Heathcote Candidate Responses

We wrote to all candidates for the seat of Heathcote asking:

Q1 Do you support Sutherland Shire Council’s offer of 8.5 hectares of upland swamp and bushland at the south of Spring Gully, Bundeena, for addition to the Royal National Park?

Q2 Do you support Sutherland Shire Council’s recommendation that the former Scout land at Spring Gully be reserved for acquisition and added to the Royal National Park?

Q3 Do you support the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage recommendation that eco-tourist facilities be removed as a permissible use for the former Scout land because of the large clearings required for bushfire protection?

NB: Sutherland Shire Council’s recommendations were passed with the support of the Liberal, Labor, Independent and Shire Watch Councillors.

We have received responses from the following candidates (in the order received):

Natasha WATSON, The Greens.

Supports all three recommendations and states:

The Greens and myself especially, fully support the protection of the Spring Gully bushland in the Bundeena area.  I have shared and participated in the campaign since its inception, and will continue to do so, until the land and its important swamps, fauna and flora are finally incorporated into the Royal National Park.  The wildlife corridor buffering the Royal is continually under threat of developers and requires an MP that fully appreciates its conservation value and will strive to protect it.

Greg PETTY, Independent.

Supports all three recommendations and provided the following statement:

Greg Petty, Independent Candidate for Heathcote, supports the residents and community in the efforts for the conservation of the Spring Gully region at Bundeena.

Maryanne STUART, Labor.

Supports all three recommendations and states:

I wholeheartedly support the campaign to protect this important parcel of bushland by incorporating it into the Royal National Park. During my campaigning for the State Election I have made a number of visits to Bundeena. I appreciate the strong community support, and the environmental necessity, for the protection and preservation of the Spring Gully land. If I am elected as the Member for Heathcote I look forward to working with the community and Sutherland Shire Council to have these recommendations implemented.

Lee EVANS, Liberal (sitting member).

The response received did not support any of the recommendations and stated:

Any requests by SSC regarding any land transfers / acquisitions are the direct responsibility of the council with the relevant authority and council is under no obligation to seek my approval.

[Editor’s note: Sutherland Shire Mayor Kent Johns wrote to Mr Evans as the Member for Heathcote on 12 December 2014. His letter stated Council is seeking your support in acquiring the land for this valuable public purpose.]


Ahmed ELAWAAD (No Land Tax) and Ula FALANGA (Christian Democratic Party, Fred Nile Group) have not responded.

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