Month: September 2014

Spring Gully Bloodwood Groves of High Conservation Significance

Robert Crombie, First National Park Committee 29 July 2014 To the east and south of the southeastern corner of Bundeena grow stands of the eucalypt Bloodwood Corymbia (syn. Eucalyptus) gummifera. These stands have outstanding conservation value and should be very

Urban Protected Areas – Important for people and nature.

“Ours has become a planet of urban dwellers in a very short time. Already, over half of humanity lives in urban areas. Two thirds will do so in the lifetimes of most people now living on Earth. “This trend is

World Heritage Values of the Royal National Park Public Meeetings

Engadine community hall sunday 7 sept 2.30 pm- 4pm Sutherland pensioners centre sunday 12 oct 2.30pm – 4pm Come and join us to find out about the process of Royal National Parks and Reserves being assessed for inclusion on Australia’s