Warning on shire draft LEP hearings: process will be ‘difficult’

This is an extract from the article by  Murray Trembath, which appeared in The Leader on 29 Jan 2014

Ronald Van Ardenne, of RVA Australia, defended the eco-tourism resort he wants to develop at Bundeena, but which has been opposed by nearby residents.

Mr Ardenne said the proposed resort, which would provide guests with tents equipped with ‘‘creature comforts’’ such as en-suites and good furniture, would have been permitted under the original draft LEP.

The revised plan had rezoned the area so that an eco-tourism resort would still be allowed but it would involve ‘‘a lot of red tape’’ which would make it unviable.

Mr Ardenne said he supported a compromise that the council was working on which would involve swapping his property for adjoining council-owned land where he could develop his resort.

[NB: The Spring Gully Protection Group notes that current zoning of the Scout land  is “special uses” and is described as being for community facilities that meet the needs of the community. The group also notes that all the residential areas of Bundeena and Maianbar have been placed under environmental zoning making RVA’s claims that environmental zoning will be too much red tape a bit rich.]