The 2 Minute Update

What’s the latest news about the Scout land and the conservation threats to Spring Gully? Here is a quick 2 minute primer to bring you up to date.

  • The former Scout land has been sold to a developer.
  • The land is being re zoned to E2 (environmental conservation) in council’s draft LEP with permissible uses of recreation camp and eco tourism facility.
  • The adjoining former sanitation depot bushland and the Sussex St road reserve bushland are also being zoned E2 Environmental Conservation.
  • A recreation Camp can include conference centre, function centre, kitchen, catering, dining halls, playing fields, etc.
  • The former Scout land developer is proposing to build a recreation camp & eco tourism facility of semi-permanent tents on platforms, kitchen, toilets, showers etc and a residence.
  • A clearing of up to 2.5 hectares (over 6 acres) of the pristine forest is required by RFS rules for tourist or recreation camp facilities.
  • These areas are large because the land slopes steeply into the bushfire prone gully.
  • The developer’s plans include building on the public road reserve and clearing the adjoining council bushland for asset protection zone. These lands are earmarked for transfer and inclusion into the Royal National Park.
  • The developer is planning to subdivide and sell-off the remainder of the bushland and the wetland.
  • The developer will only enter into conservation covenant if his DA is approved.
  • Effectively, the developer is only willing to place a conservation covenant on the bushland and wetland if he can develop the adjoining public land.
  • The developer has made request to Council to purchase the Sussex Street road reserve bushland to build on.
  • Council’s former sanitation depot land (next to Sussex Street unmade paper road) is being rezoned to E2 and transferred to National Parks & Wildlife Service for inclusion in the Royal National Park.
  • NPWS have requested the Sussex Street reserve be included in transfer.
  • The amended draft Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2013 is being re-exhibited from 20th August until midnight 1st November and will be open for comments regarding zoning and permissible uses.
  • Comments on the developer’s proposed purchase of the Sussex St road reserve bushland, currently public land, can be made to Council immediately.


Make a submission to council to stop the public land selloff of Sussex St. Details and letter for download are here. Deadline 30th August 2013.

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You can make a submission online regarding the zoning in the amended draft LEP up until midnight 1st November using our quick web form.

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