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Saving Spring Gully

  Spring Gully, the location of the proposed Bundeena Coast Eco-Lodge, is one of the most bio-diverse areas within the Royal National Park. The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) states, “Spring Gully contains a rich mosaic of endangered

Scope for Consideration and Comment for Royal National Park Road Easement Proposal

Many community members have contacted us concerned about the information provided on the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) web page notifying of the public consultation over the proposed road easement through the Royal National Park. The following statements

No Road in Royal National Park for eco-lodge

Don’t let the Royal National Park be used to clear hundreds of trees for private commercial development! RE-EXHIBITION of Proposed Road in Royal National Park for Bundeena Coast Eco Lodge Development, Spring Gully. Lodge your objection online NOW! The NPWS

Candidate Responses – Council Election 2016

The Greens The ecologically valuable bushland and wetland of the former Scout land adjoining the Royal National Park at Spring Gully, a known Eastern pygmy possum hotspot, should be added to the National Park, not cleared and developed. Labor Labor

Razors Edge 2SER 107.3FM

Your browser does not support the audio element. A story on the controversial Bundeena Coast Eco-Lodge proposal for the former Scout land, Spring Gully, Bundeena aired on Razors Edge, the current affairs program on 2SER 107.3FM, Thursday 02 June 2016.

Amended Development Proposals

  The National Parks and Wildlife Service are publicly exhibiting the proposal for road access to allow the development, including the clearing of hundreds of trees within threatened species habitat, to proceed. Lodge your objection now using our web form. It

No New Road in the Royal National Park

Join the campaign to stop land clearing and a new road inside the Royal National Park at Spring Gully, Bundeena. We call on the Minister for the Environment to: Refuse the proposal for a new 8 metre wide two-lane road,

Addition to Royal National Park at Bundeena

Environment Minister Mark Speakman today announced that 8.5 hectares of Sutherland Shire Council land near Bundeena has been incorporated into the Royal National Park. [The area outlined in green in the aerial photo in the right hand column]. ‘The 8.5

Tree Vandals Strike Again

A substantial number of trees were destroyed and vandalised over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend on the Jibbon Hill relic cliff dune near the old “Night Soil Depot” at the south of Spring Gully, Bundeena. At least thirty trees have

State Election 2015 – Seat of Heathcote Candidate Responses

We wrote to all candidates for the seat of Heathcote asking: Q1 Do you support Sutherland Shire Council’s offer of 8.5 hectares of upland swamp and bushland at the south of Spring Gully, Bundeena, for addition to the Royal National

Protecting Community Land

The former Scout land, Spring Gully, was marked as a “Recreation Area” on the land sale map of the Pacific Waters Estate (south-east Bundeena ) in 1963. The land was donated to the Scouts Association for use as a camping ground.

National Parks Association Article, February 2015.

This article appeared in the National Parks Association Southern Sydney Branch Newsletter No. 109, Autumn 2015. [Note: we have added additional photos for your enjoyment.] Jibbon Hill Lands (Former Night Soil Depot), Bundeena. Sutherland Shire Council has resolved to hand over

Status Update – State Election 2015

Former Scout Land – 5.6 hectares of bushland and wetland. Sutherland Shire Council recommends the former Scout land be acquired for addition to the Royal National Park. Council states there is little prospect for development without causing unacceptable environmental impacts. The

Council vote to hand-over Bundeena bushland for addition to Royal National Park

UPDATE Sutherland Shire Council resolved to hand over its 8.5 hectares of bushland and upland swamp at the south of Spring Gully to the NPWS for addition to the Royal National Park on 9 February 2015. Council has also resolved to transfer

Spring Gully Eco Tourism Proposal

Reproduced from the ‘Mayor’s Column’, The Paper, Bundeena-Maianbar, Issue no. 55, April/May/June 2016. At a Council meeting on Monday 21 March a report on Tourism Opportunities in the Shire was endorsed. This report was prepared by an independent consultant and

Council recommends Scout land be added to Royal National Park

Sutherland Shire Council has recommended the former Scout land be acquired for addition to the Royal National Park. On 10 November 2014, Council resolved to write to local state and federal parliamentarians asking them to support the acquisition of the

Tree Vandalism, Letters to the Editor

The following letters have been published by the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader in response to their article of 8 Oct 2014 “Tree vandals strike near Spring Gully Bundeena development“. Mark Da Silva What is going on at Spring

Spring Gully Bloodwood Groves of High Conservation Significance

Robert Crombie, First National Park Committee 29 July 2014 To the east and south of the southeastern corner of Bundeena grow stands of the eucalypt Bloodwood Corymbia (syn. Eucalyptus) gummifera. These stands have outstanding conservation value and should be very

Urban Protected Areas – Important for people and nature.

“Ours has become a planet of urban dwellers in a very short time. Already, over half of humanity lives in urban areas. Two thirds will do so in the lifetimes of most people now living on Earth. “This trend is

World Heritage Values of the Royal National Park Public Meeetings

Engadine community hall sunday 7 sept 2.30 pm- 4pm Sutherland pensioners centre sunday 12 oct 2.30pm – 4pm Come and join us to find out about the process of Royal National Parks and Reserves being assessed for inclusion on Australia’s

Spring Gully, Bundeena, Update

Originally published in the  National Parks Association, Southern Sydney Branch Newsletter, Issue No. 105, Autumn 2014. At its December meeting, Sutherland Shire Council resolved to defer handing over its 8.2Ha of bushland at the south of Bundeena, to National Parks. Council has

Warning on shire draft LEP hearings: process will be ‘difficult’

This is an extract from the article by  Murray Trembath, which appeared in The Leader on 29 Jan 2014 Ronald Van Ardenne, of RVA Australia, defended the eco-tourism resort he wants to develop at Bundeena, but which has been opposed by

Community in Tug-of-War over Pristine Bushland

Originally published in the National Parks Association Southern Sydney Branch Newsletter Issue No. 104, Summer 2013 On the outskirts of Bundeena, 5.6 hectares of pristine bushland (figure 1) is now in the hands of a developer.  Situated within the area

Growing Community Support to Save Spring Gully

This article first appeared in “The Paper, Bundeena Maianbar” Issue 45 October/November/December 2013 Most people consider National Parks to be places where nature is preserved for generations to come and where biodiversity is protected. These qualities attract people to the

Public Talk on Planning Reforms and their impacts on Communities


Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge to Declare Spring Gully, Royal National Park an Environmental Planning Hazard

Greens MP David Shoebridge will be touring Spring Gully, Royal National Park, Bundeena this Saturday 12 October 2013. David will be declaring Spring Gully an Environmental Planning “Hazzard*” Site. David will be joining the local residents for a Rally against

Public Meeting/Viewing and Lemonade Stall

Spring Gully — worth saving! Now the developer wants to extend onto public bushland – the Sussex St reserve. Saturday 24th August 8.30-10am Bundeena Shops 10.30-3pm Entrance to CoasTrack, Beachcomber Ave Join the Spring Gully Protection Group at the entrance to the

Public Bushland Land Grab – Sussex St Road Reserve

The owner of the former Scout land has approached council seeking to purchase the Sussex St unmade “paper road” reserve. Their intentions are to clear the land to create an asset protection zone and also erect buildings on the land. Building

The 2 Minute Update

What’s the latest news about the Scout land and the conservation threats to Spring Gully? Here is a quick 2 minute primer to bring you up to date. The former Scout land has been sold to a developer. The land

Council Report Recommends E2 Environmental Conservation Zoning

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