How You Can Help


We ask that you please take the time to download and fill in the two letters we have prepared with suggested wording. You need only fill in your address, the date and add your name and signature and post these two letters. Sending letters to our representatives shows the depth of community support and make a big difference to our lobbying efforts. Sending these two letters is the one small thing you can do to that will make a big contribution to our campaign.

  • Letter to Mr Lee Evans MP, NSW  [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
  • Letter to Cr Kent Jonhs, Mayor, Sutherland Shire Council [PDF] [DOCX] [RFT]

We need your support to let our local politicians know that we, the community, remain committed to seeing this land conserved. We also believe that the land is not suitable for any development primarily because:

  • The land is identified as extremely bushfire prone land in NPWS fire management plans (2003, 2009).
  • The council’s specific environmental policy for the site states that the tree canopy and significant understory are to be preserved (Bundeena Maianbar Development Control Plan 2006). The building code for bushfire prone land does not allow any development on this land without substantial removal of both the canopy and the understory within large asset protection zones around buildings, pathways, roads, etc. Development is not compatible with the environmental policy for this land.
  • The current zoning was retained due to Scouts intentions to build scout and girl guides halls on the land (Bundeena Maianbar Development Control Plan 2006). As the Scouts intend selling the land this zoning is redundant.
  • The land is of very high environmental value as habitat for protected species and contains rare, endangered and protected ecological communities.
  • The land is steep sloping, with fragile sandy soils and contains the headwaters of Spring Creek and part of the Bundeena catchment freshwater wetlands.
  • The land and the angophora woodlands it contains is nested into the suroinding Royal National Park and the adjoining proposed conservation reserve.

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