Purchase Update

The Spring Gully Protection Group has partnered with the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife to purchase the Scouts land for it to be added to the Royal National Park. We have the Foundation’s agreement to purchase the property through our donations.  The Foundation has received an in principle agreement from the Office of Environment and Heritage to manage the land as national park.

The local community has raised pledges and made an offer to Scouts for consideration. The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife has written to the Scout’s supporting our offer. Realistically our offer may be less than other offers from people who might have a development in mind. In our letter of offer, we have asked Scouts to come back to us if our offer is not sufficient. With the Foundations assistance, we are prepared to raise the required funds through community and government donations within a set time frame.

Our Group’s intent is to protect and conserve the land in its natural state. We are against development on this land, due to environmental loss, cultural loss, bushfire risk and bushfire management issues.We are 100% committed to purchasing this land to protect it. We hope the Scouts feel the same way.

Many readers have left comments on our home page about transferring the land to the National Parks. We understand the Scouts offered the land to National Parks but they declined to purchase due to lack of funds. Our goal is for the Scouts to sell to the Foundation of National Parks through community and government donation so that the land can be donated to National Parks.

If Scouts agree that the Foundation for National Parks and Wildife is the best purchaser of this land, I am sure we can work out reasonable financial details. Currently, we are awaiting their response.

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